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Best Winter / Waterproof Hiking Shoe For Men

Men's Snow Boots Guide: Top Picks for Waterproof Hiking Shoes in Winter Adventures

Embarking on winter adventures demands the right gear, especially when it comes to keeping your feet warm and dry. As you prepare for the cold, the choice of men’s snow boots becomes paramount. This article helps you navigate the myriad options available, focusing on men’s winter boots that promise both warmth and waterproof protection. From the robust build of sorel winter boots to versatile options like men’s snow boots waterproof and insulated snow boots, we cover the best picks that blend functionality with comfort for every snowy trail and icy sidewalk.

Our guide breaks down the top choices across various categories, including the best overall winter hiking shoes, budget-friendly finds, and the best men’s snow boots for extreme cold. With an eye on key factors like insulation, waterproofing, and traction, we ensure you find the perfect pair to match your winter activities, whether it’s city walking, hiking, or working outdoors. Each recommendation is tailored to help you stay ahead of winter challenges, prioritizing durability, warmth, and style to make your cold-weather ventures as enjoyable as possible.

Merrell MTL Thermo Rogue 4

  • Price: $157
  • Sizes Available: Men’s 7-15, Women’s 5-11
  • Insulation: Features approximately 200 grams of synthetic insulation, optimal for warmth without overheating.
  • Traction: Equipped with Vibram’s Arctic Grip outsole for superior traction on wet ice.
  • Waterproofing: Incorporates a reliable waterproof membrane, essential for serious winter hiking.
  • Fit: Advisable to wear around the house to ensure a comfortable fit before taking them outdoors.
  • Testing: Rigorously tested by 8 testers in conditions as cold as -5°F and elevations up to 12,500 feet.

Danner Arctic 600 Side-Zip

  • Price: $220
  • Sizes Available: Men’s 7-15
  • Insulation: Designed for extreme cold with high-quality construction.
  • Traction: Provides excellent grip on snowy and icy surfaces.
  • Waterproofing: Features a durable waterproof design.
  • Fit: Offers a comfortable fit with easy side-zip access.
  • Pros: Exceptional warmth, durability, and style.
  • Cons: Heavier than some other models, which might affect mobility.

Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid GTX

  • Price: $165
  • Sizes Available: Men’s 6.5-14
  • Insulation: Light insulation suitable for active use.
  • Traction: Unrivaled traction with a focus on stability and support.
  • Waterproofing: Gore-Tex waterproofing to keep feet dry.
  • Fit: Ankle support and protection akin to a trail running shoe.
  • Pros: Fast, light, and flexible with excellent ankle protection.
  • Cons: Less insulation compared to heavier-duty models.

Sorel Caribou

  • Price: $190
  • Sizes Available: Men’s 7-13
  • Insulation: Features a removable 9mm washable felt inner boot, ideal for extreme cold.
  • Traction: High grip suitable for diverse winter conditions.
  • Waterproofing: Fully waterproof with a snow cuff.
  • Fit: True to size with a comfortable, roomy fit.
  • Pros: Renowned for its durability and effective insulation.
  • Cons: The boots are relatively heavy, which might not suit all users.

Kamik Nation Plus Boots

  • Price: $40
  • Features: Waterproof, removable liner rated to -40 degrees, good traction
  • Pros: Exceptional warmth, durable, affordable
  • Cons: Heavier build, less suitable for active use

Merrell Moab 3 Mid WP

  • Price: $120
  • Features: M Select DRY waterproof, designed for day hiking
  • Pros: Comfortable, proven durability, budget-friendly
  • Cons: May lack sufficient ankle support for rugged terrains

Columbia Expeditionist Shield

  • Price: $140
  • Features: 200 grams of synthetic insulation, arrow-shaped treads for grip
  • Pros: Lightweight for the insulation level, versatile design
  • Cons: Less waterproof compared to others

The North Face Chilkat V 400

  • Price: $79
  • Features: 200 grams of synthetic insulation, arrow-shaped treads for grip
  • Pros: Excellent price, good for cold conditions
  • Cons: Waterproofing not as effective as competitors

Merrell Thermo Chill Mid Shell Waterproof

  • Price: $110
  • Features: 200 grams M Select™ WARM insulation, waterproof
  • Pros: Affordable, warm, good traction
  • Cons: Limited ankle support
These options highlight the best budget-friendly men’s snow boots, balancing cost with essential winter features like warmth and traction. Whether you’re looking for something light for day hikes or a sturdy option for colder weather, these models offer reliable choices without breaking the bank.

3. Best for Extreme Cold Conditions

When selecting men’s snow boots for extreme cold conditions, certain features are paramount: insulation, traction, waterproofing, and fit. Here’s a closer look at some top picks tailored for harsh winter environments:

Merrell MTL Thermo Rogue 4

  • Price: $260
  • Insulation: 200 grams of Primaloft Gold Eco Series synthetic insulation and Solarcore Aerogel
  • Traction: Vibram Arctic Grip outsole with five-millimeter terraced lugs
  • Waterproofing: Gore-Tex membrane
  • Fit: Tall lightweight ballistic mesh for ankle support
  • Pros: Excellent for long hikes in mixed terrain, superior packed snow traction
  • Cons: Premium price point

Columbia Expeditionist Shield

  • Price: $140
  • Insulation: 200 grams of synthetic insulation with a reflective liner
  • Traction: Arrow-shaped treads on the outsole
  • Waterproofing: Fully waterproof
  • Fit: Light for the level of insulation provided
  • Pros: Ideal for deep snow, excellent value for money
  • Cons: Less durable compared to higher-end models

Baffin Control Max Heavy-Duty

  • Price: Varies
  • Insulation: Designed for temperatures as low as -94 degrees F
  • Traction: Effective grip on ice
  • Waterproofing: Waterproof leather exterior triple-stitched to the rubber rand
  • Fit: Bulkier design for maximum warmth
  • Pros: Exceptional insulation, highly durable for deep snow and ice
  • Cons: Bulk may restrict mobility for some activities
For those venturing into severe winter conditions, these boots offer a blend of warmth, traction, and waterproofing to tackle anything from icy city streets to snowy wilderness trails. Each model brings unique features to the table, ensuring there’s a perfect match for your specific needs and activities.

Most Reliable Waterproofing

Huckberry All-Weather Duckboot (AWD)

  • Waterproofing: Rubberized rand and toecaps enhance its waterproof capabilities.
  • Pros: Versatile, excellent traction, very comfortable.
  • Cons: Pricier than some other options.

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

  • Waterproofing: Features a Gore-Tex membrane for superior waterproofing.
  • Pros: Lightweight for its category, offers great support and comfort.
  • Cons: Higher price point might be a consideration.

Asolo Falcon Evo GV

  • Waterproofing: Equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane to ensure feet stay dry.
  • Pros: Tough and lightweight, ideal for serious backpacking.
  • Cons: Premium price may not suit all budgets.

The North Face Chilkat V 400

  • Waterproofing: Tested to handle puddles up to 8.5" deep without major leaking.
  • Pros: Award-winning, great for cold conditions.
  • Cons: Waterproofing may be less effective over time.

Columbia Fairbanks Omni-Heat Ankle Boot

  • Waterproofing: Features a seam-sealed membrane for reliable waterproofing.
  • Pros: Omni-heat lining for added warmth, lightweight.
  • Cons: Durability may be an issue with intense use.

Baffin Snow Monster Boots

  • Waterproofing: Full-grain leather and Arctic rubber shell provide excellent waterproofing.
  • Pros: Extremely durable, designed for very low temperatures.
  • Cons: Bulkiness may hinder mobility.

Ugg Butte Boot

  • Waterproofing: Fully waterproof with a robust design.
  • Pros: Cozy lining and good cushioning for extended wear.
  • Cons: Higher cost due to brand and features.

Salomon Quest Winter TS CS WP Snow Boot

  • Waterproofing: Fully waterproof with a robust design.
  • Pros: Compatible with gaiters and snowshoes, flexible.
  • Cons: May require a break-in period for optimal comfort.

Danner Arctic 600 Side-Zip

  • Waterproofing: Full-grain leather or suede uppers with complete waterproof protection.
  • Pros: Easy access with side zip, very warm.
  • Cons: Price may be a barrier for some.

Merrell Thermo Overlook Mid Boots

  • Waterproofing: Includes a waterproof membrane and leather upper.
  • Pros: Affordable and effective for winter conditions.
  • Cons: Limited ankle support.

Best for Moderate Climates

For those facing moderate winter climates, selecting the right men’s snow boots involves balancing warmth with breathability to ensure comfort without overheating. Here are some top picks tailored for milder winter conditions:

1. Merrell Men's Nova 3 Thermo Mid Waterproof Snow Boot 4

  • Price: $160
  • Features: Tall lightweight ballistic mesh, Gore-Tex membrane
  • Pros: Excellent ankle support, ideal for long hikes on mixed terrain
  • Cons: Premium price point

2. Oboz Andesite II Mid Insulated B-Dry

  • Price: $185
  • Features: Mid-high design, nubuck leather uppers
  • Pros: Springy and comfortable, suitable for short winter treks
  • Cons: May require additional waterproofing treatment

3. Salewa Ortles Light Mid GTX Boot

  • Price: $350
  • Features: Rock-friendly outsole, crampon compatibility
  • Pros: Great for technical terrain, robust construction
  • Cons: Higher cost, specialized design not for casual use

4. Meindl Bergell MFS Hiker

  • Price: $441
  • Features: Ultra-durable, supportive for heavy loads
  • Pros: Excellent for tough terrain and bushwacking in milder climates
  • Cons: High price, may be too robust for light hikes

5. Columbia Expeditionist Shield

  • Price: $70
  • Features: Waterproof, light insulation, arrow-shaped treads
  • Pros: Good traction on packed snow and ice, budget-friendly
  • Cons: Less durable compared to more expensive models
When choosing boots for moderate climates, consider the amount of insulation—typically around 200 grams for hiking. Ensure the fit is snug to prevent blisters and discomfort, enhancing your winter hiking experience.

Best Traction for Snowy Trails

When tackling snowy trails, the traction of your men’s snow boots is crucial to maintain stability and safety. Here’s a breakdown of some top models known for their exceptional grip on snow and ice:

Danner Arctic 600 Side-Zip

  • Features: Vibram Arctic Grip outsole, 200g Primaloft Gold insulation
  • Pros: Excellent traction on icy surfaces, easy side-zip access, lightweight and low profile
  • Cons: Premium price, may be too warm for mild conditions

The North Face Chilkat V 400

  • Features: Versatile design suitable for various winter conditions
  • Pros: Good traction, versatile for different snowy environments
  • Cons: Less effective waterproofing over time

Baffin Snow Monster

  • Features: High warmth and comfort, robust traction
  • Pros: Superior warmth, suitable for very low temperatures, reliable grip on snow
  • Cons: Bulkiness may restrict mobility

Muck Boot Arctic Ice Mid

  • Features: Vibram Arctic Grip rubber, slip-on design
  • Pros: Durable, excellent traction on smooth ice, easy to wear
  • Cons: May not provide enough ankle support for all users

Merrell MTL Thermo Rogue 4

  • Features: Gore-Tex membrane, Vibram Arctic Grip outsole, 200 grams of Primaloft Gold Eco Series synthetic insulation
  • Pros: High traction, lightweight design, excellent insulation
  • Cons: Higher cost, may be over-insulated for moderate conditions

Kamik Nation Plus

  • Features: Thermal reflective lining, 200g insulation, waterproof
  • Pros: Affordable, good traction, warm
  • Cons: Runs small, might require sizing up
For those looking to navigate snowy trails effectively, these boots offer a range of options with specialized traction systems designed to handle icy and snowy conditions. Each boot has its unique advantages, ensuring there’s a fit for every preference and weather condition.

Best Style and Design

When considering style and design in men’s snow boots, some models stand out not only for their functionality but also for their aesthetics. Here’s a look at boots that combine practical features with eye-catching designs:

Allen Edmonds Park City Lace-Up Weatherproof Boot

  • Price: Varies
  • Features: Waterproof membrane, Horween leathers, Vibram Gloxi outsole
  • Pros: Stylish design, excellent wet surface traction, high-quality materials
  • Cons: Higher price point

Price: $240

  • Price: Varies
  • Features: Suede leather upper, Danner Dry waterproof membrane, 200g PrimaLoft insulation
  • Pros: Handsome looks, high-quality construction
  • Cons: Premium price, may be too warm for mild conditions
These boots not only provide essential winter protection but also ensure you look good while tackling cold environments. Whether you’re after a classic look with leather details or something more modern and versatile, there’s a style to suit your aesthetic preferences.


Throughout this comprehensive guide, we have journeyed through the essential considerations and top selections of men’s snow boots tailored for various winter scenarios—from trekking across snowy trails with superior traction and navigating through icy sidewalks with unparalleled waterproofing, to embracing style without compromising on functionality. Our curated picks, pivoting around critical factors such as insulation, waterproofing, traction, fit, budget-friendliness, and design aesthetics, aim to equip you with the knowledge to select boots that not only meet but exceed your winter adventure needs. Each option presented, distinguished by its unique pros and cons, underlines the importance of choosing footwear that aligns with your specific climate, terrain, and style preferences.
As the cold season approaches, the significance of selecting the right snow boots cannot be overstated. The boots highlighted in this guide stand out for their ability to offer warmth, durability, and protection while catering to diverse budgets and stylistic tastes. They underscore the importance of investing in quality footwear to enhance your winter experiences, whether you’re embarking on rigorous hikes, facing extreme cold conditions, or simply seeking reliable options for daily wear. Armed with this knowledge, we encourage you to consider these insights as you make your selection, ensuring that your winter adventures are both safe and enjoyable. Remember, the right pair of snow boots not only keeps you warm and dry but also supports your winter explorations with confidence and style.


A: Absolutely! Many hiking boots come equipped with a waterproof layer beneath the outer shell, making them suitable for snowy environments.

A: Top picks for waterproof hiking boots include:

  • Best Overall: Vasque Breeze
  • Best for Endurance: Asolo Eldo Mid
  • Most Comfortable: Zamberlan 1996 Vioz
  • Best Leather Option: Vasque St.
  • Best for Winter Conditions: Danner Arctic 600
    These options are available for both men and women.

A: The 5 best winter hiking shoes are:

A: Merrell hiking boots have received positive reviews for their performance in snow. Users particularly commend the boots for their traction and waterproofing, which provide confidence and comfort on icy surfaces.



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